The Gab | Vol. 1

Currently wearing a face mask, sipping my coffee, and overall living my best life. Hey y’all, welcome to Natalia V. blog. It’s been crazy deciding whether or not to come back and start blogging again, but here I am, taking it one post at a time.

What’s the Gab? The Gab will be those posts where I will just take time to sit and let you all know about what is happening in my life + things I’m gabbing about aka things I’m loving. Because I am what my favorite teacher likes to call a “type A student” (likes to take leadership & loves being organized about everything), I will be starting with the lows, moving on to the highs, and finishing with things I’m gabbing about.

The Lows

Last time I wrote anything was around January when I had just accepted a position with the DCP (Disney College Program). Sadly, I left the DCP 3 months early after realizing that it just wasn’t for me. Don’t get me wrong, my roommates were amazing and I miss them dearly, fellow co-workers in the DCP and I became great friends, and hello! I basically lived in Disney. 

However, there were a few things that altered my stay at Disney. For starters, work wasn’t all I had imagined it would be - which wasn’t much, to begin with, co-workers that have been there for years didn’t treat college participants the same as part-time/full-time workers, and, honestly, there was no point in me working for Disney.

My role with Disney was simple; I was an ice cream cart vendor. Though, did I really want to be an ice cream cart vendor after college? Did I even want to work with Disney after college? I was confused as to why I was even there to begin with. Besides networking with AWESOME people, there was nothing that was moving me forward. Around the end of April, I received an email from my school saying I received a grant allowing me to take classes over the summer. It felt like a sign. So I made arrangements for an educational release from the program - basically, leaving without penalization - and I came back home.

Here comes my second low point; I got my car broken into. There is nothing much to elaborate on here. My car was broken into and it sucked because it happened when my roommates from DCP came to visit, but also I realized it could have been way worse & it could’ve happened ANYWHERE. If anything, this taught me a lesson: Don’t leave anything in the car.

The Highs

Now that we got the lows over with, I have plenty of highs to talk about! For starters, after coming back home, I managed to find a PR internship which led to a paid internship and the best part? I work from home! Don’t worry, I have a blog post in the works about working at an agency. While interning, I was taking classes at FIU. Classes I absolutely dreaded taking, but lucky for me, after passing these classes, I am now graduating a semester earlier than expected!

However, this means it’s senior year and the heat is on. I am taking a full course load alongside working remotely. So far, my classes are going amazing and I haven’t had a breakdown...yet…jk, but not really. To make the most of senior year, I’ve joined a club at FIU called the BOLD Agency. The BOLD Agency is a communications agency for students to gain experience in different areas of communications such as advertising, public relations, and social/digital media. I would highly recommend this to any communications student attending FIU and looks great on resumes. Not only is this a club but, it is also an elective for all students! 

Working out is still a love/hate relationship, but I think I’ve found a schedule that allows me to workout without dreading it. It’s Tuesday pilates & Wednesday cardio, and let me tell you, I have absolutely no complaints. I’ve been sticking to this schedule for about 3 weeks now and I feel more energized and am slowly getting back to my standard weight.

The best part in all of this? I have Fridays all to myself. No work and no school, so this means Friday is the day I get to focus on myself and take a break. Some weeks can be tough, but I’ve been managing to do well so far and, fingers crossed, it continues to stick this way!

Currently Gabbing about…

• My moms Keurig - Sorry Mickey Mouse coffee maker, there’s a new sheriff in town! 
• Podcasts - I have been binging on Girls Talk & Gals on the Go
• Updating my wardrobe - I’m graduating soon, this means less graphic tees - who am I kidding I can never have enough graphic tees. What this really means is more business casual outfits for my post-college life, like this cute blazer!
• Keeping up with tasks - I’ve recently noticed that if you think about doing something, be like Nike and Just Do It

That’s all for this gabbing gal, I’m curious what podcasts/blogs you’re currently loving. Leave links + titles in the comments below!