Making the Switch

Never did I imagine I would be making a post like this. For those of you who have been with me since “Sincerely, Natalia” you know I LOVE agendas. I’ve had a band.o agenda, day designers, Lilly Pulitzer, and even agendas sold from my university. Clearly, I’m obsessed.

However, coming into my senior year of college, I am dealing with a lot more on my plate. Between classes, sorority events, interning, and scheduling workout classes it’s become difficult to just rely on a paper agenda. Thanks to numerous YouTubers, I began utilizing google calendar. Was it for me? A gal who uses all Apple applications? No, absolutely not.

Google Calendar

This is where I go into specifics. So to begin, I made a 180 change to use all google apps (Gmail, doc, sheets, calendar, maps, chrome) and while everything was working fine, chrome was failing me. To be clear, I have over 300 passwords saved on safari and when switching to google chrome, it refused to save any of my passwords! I would restart, deleted and reinstalled, the whole nine yards. After going back to safari, I noticed problems on my phone that I was not pleased with. When planning events I wasn’t able to transfer emailed events to my calendar automatically. My map app would only recognize addresses found on google and when googling addresses it would direct me to the apple map app! So safe to say, like this paragraph, it was a mess.


Finally, I reverted back to my original roots. I can add events directly from my email, I can share a calendar with my sorority sisters (which I know I can also do with G-Calendar), but another thing I’ve just discovered is I can import g-calendar to my iCal but not the other way around! As far as I can tell, everything is running smoothly.

So why the switch? Like I said, it became tedious using my agenda. More than often I would forget to fill it out and lug it everywhere with me. When I did have it with me, I couldn’t reference it because I would forget a lot of events that were occurring with work or Alpha Chi. I started off slowly, scheduling classes for my new semester and events I knew were happening prior to work and sorority life. Next thing I’m thinking of going back to is virtual to-do lists; any app recommendations?

I’m curious to know what you prefer! Let me know in the comments below whether you prefer an agenda, virtual calendar, or maybe even both?