The Gab | New Year

I know what you're thinking, 'what happened to December gab?' Well, life happens when you're having fun. Quick December update: 

  • Dec. 1-3: Romantic Getaway to Orlando
  • Dec. 4-7: Finals week
  • Dec. 8: Friends' birthday!
  • Dec. 15: Hosted a Merry Grinch-mas party!
  • Dec. 21: Coffee date/Christmas shopping with Ashley (you're mentioned, you're welcome)
  • Dec. 22: Ugly Sweater Party
  • Dec. 24-25: Christmas Eve & Christmas!!
  • Dec. 29: Final Game Night of the Year

As you can probably tell, I was very busy. So for today's Gab, I'm putting it all out there for 2019; all my hopes, goals, and dreams. Are you ready for it? 

I hope to continue bettering myself little by little. Meaning I find happiness in the little things, I find comfort in those who surround me, I control my temper a little better, and I always speak up. 

I hope to continue finding my own success. To graduate with a 3.5 GPA (or higher), to find a job post-graduation and build my career, volunteer, even if it's once every 2-weeks. 

I hope to make new friends and continue making time for those I have already. Coffee dates, dog watching, target runs, movie dates, whatever it may be! While I try making time for my friends already, I don't see them as much as I'd like. However (!!) it takes two to tango, so I hope to only keep friends who put in the same effort as I do (as harsh as that sounds). 

1. Read AT LEAST 5 books (this is very sad considering I've had some books that haven't been read since May)

2. Work out twice a week!

3. Find a steady job at a communications agency

4. Save up for an apartment

5. Start journaling

Oh, we're getting personal! 

One of my biggest dreams is to work for a well-known company as a PR specialist/manager such as Walt Disney Co. or Universal Studios or Coca-Cola. But I know it takes time so baby steps!

As for my other dreams, well, it's more of the basic "live in a nice house with my husband and eventually have 2-3 kids." I'm writing this post and I realize that I don't really have any major dreams because I'm constantly changing my mind. 

What about you guys? I'm curious to see what your hopes, goals, and dreams are for this year! 

In the hopes of spreading positive vibes lets sign off with: 

"It's a good year to have a GREAT year."