The Gab | Vol. 3

It’s the start of a new month and you all know what that means….it’s time to Gab. So, let’s start things off how we usually do:

The Highs

Well, well, well it’s finally arrived; my final semester in college. Though it is bittersweet, I’m happy to be finishing up college with my career path in mind, my GPA looking nice, and my friends + boyfriend by my side. I’m very excited to make the most of my last semester and graduate like the star I know I am!

I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned but since Jan. 7th I have been interning {hopefully my last time interning} for an awesome PR + Social media agency. While I’m hoping to be offered a job there at the end of my internship, I’m so excited about all the responsibility I have had so far. I’ve been managing clients social media, I’ve been attending photo shoots, actually taking + editing pictures without any direction, and attended Wynwood Life which is a pretty big event here in Miami. Fingers crossed this part-time gig turns into a full-time gig by the time graduation rolls around!

Like I mentioned, I’ve been doing some major editing for a bunch of clients and that means I get to work on Lightroom A LOT! But I have no complaints because, while I’m learning as I go, my co-workers are happy with the presets I’ve created for clients and I’m happy with the presets I’ve created for myself.

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know this, but for those who don't...

Meet Bo! Yes, we adopted a big pup and he is the sweetest thing ever! The crazy part is that it wasn't even my idea, it was my Dads. We are head over heels for him and are so grateful that we had the chance to open up our home to our third rescue pup.

Finally, for my final ‘high’, my friends have been around so much more now and I love it. Usually, it's just Jp and me on the weekends but I love having our other couple friends around {that’s you @ pickles & chris}. Special shout out to you guys for taking us bar hopping, supporting me during Wynwood Life, and always opening your house to us when we need a place to hang out.

The Inbetween

Again, not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but I have done the DCP* before and while it wasn’t the best experience, I was open to doing it again. I went through the whole process of applying and made it all the way to the phone interview. However, not even 2 days have passed and I was automatically rejected. I wouldn’t say I was hurt that I didn’t get in, but it does suck because I was so confident that I was going to make it in. Lucky for me, I know that these things happen for a reason and Disney is not in the cards for me which means I can focus on the Goals I made for myself in this post!

The Lows

Money, money, money Must be funny In a rich man's’ world.” Being an intern means no payment, just experience. I know this pays off in the end but being a girl with a Target obsession and high-end taste in clothes/shoes, I need the money. So while it can be stressful for me to need so much {sorority, school, lunch, etc.}, I’m hoping this will teach me how to better budget my money and learn to differentiate a ‘want’ from a ‘need’.

Now that we got through that, it’s time to tell you guys what I’m Gabbing About

• Recruitment SZN is among us and because it’s my last semester here at FIU, I’m really trying to go all out so I can get myself a little 🤩 

- Future little, if you’re reading this, I wanna let you know you’re the real MVP and I love ya. {This is gonna be pretty embarrassing if I end up not getting a little haha}

• In the past years, Jp & I don’t really go to pricey restaurants for Valentine's Day but that’s all changing this year and I am PUMPED! This year we decided to splurge a little and go to Hillstone, a super adult and luxurious place that I’ve been curious about since it was called ‘Houston's’ haha.
• Not only are we checking off Hillstones from our Bucket List but we have planned a trip to…. Volcano Bay! Though we are going in March {for our anniversary}, I’m too excited about it not to say anything. I bought some cute bikinis from Shein that I will link in the next Gab 😉

Whew! Okay, I think that’s all. Thank you so much for sticking through this lengthy post!

I’m always curious to know what you guys are excited for! So tell me, what are you guys Gabbing about?