About Me

Hello friends! If you've made it to this page, I assume it's only to know a little bit about me and why/how this website has been created. Well, my name is Natalia - feel free to call me Nat - and I love to write almost as much as I enjoy to read. I have boxes of incomplete journals filled with lists, thoughts, ideas, diary entries, etc. Currently I am in my final year of college as a Communications major with a focus on Public Relations. Aside from school work, I do intern remotely for a public relations agency & I am loving every minute of it (don't worry a post about this is coming VERY soon!) 

Here are a few more facts about myself: 

  • I love animals, especially dogs. 
  • I've been in a long & strong relationship for 6 years 
  • My favorite thing to do is host game nights with friends
  • Once I put my mind to something, I can accomplish it rather quickly
  • I tend to be very quiet and to myself but once I feel comfortable I become a whole different person 
  • Crazy addiction: pens
  • Crazy addiction #2: Coca-Cola
  • I like to think of myself as an organized procrastinator. 
  • Weird fact: I can do the alphabet backwards
  • Interesting fact: I learned how to do my british accent after watching Harry Potter (over & over & over again..) 

Why I Started Blogging 

If you follow/followed me on twitter or Instagram then you know I’ve been blogging for a while. It all started with Carly or thecollegeprepster.com. I remember being on Pinterest and stumbling upon her site and after following her on twitter, my obsession with blogs began. After a while of playing around with the idea, I decided that it might be the right side project that I needed. I was in my second semester as a college freshman and it was one of the greatest ideas I had. After 2 failed attempts of having a stable blog, here I am, restarting and hopefully, third time is the charm.

I want to write about things that interest me. One of the reasons I’ve failed with my previous blogs are because I wasn’t fully involved or interested in the content I was putting out there. Some topics you might find are college tips, relationship tips/cutesy date ideas, Miami events/eats, and any other topics that I stumble upon. Though I might not post as often as I would want, I hope the content I put out here is enough to keep and attract my readers. 

I hope you all enjoy and stick around to watch Natalia V. grow!