Writing Samples

Client Media Alert 

During my time at Thr33fold, I drafted a media alert for Guzman Energy announcing their Solar Array release in Eagles Nest, NM. With minimal guidance, my draft was later sent out to numerous media outlets in New Mexico as well as the Miami area. Below you will also see the press release that went along with this media alert which I also drafted and published. 

Client Press Release

Influencer/Blogger Pitch

Another skill I gained in my time at Thr33fold is pitching to potential influencers, potential clients, and media publications. Here you will see I have drafted a pitch to "mommy blogger" Foodie Crush. After extensive research, I managed to find similar ground with her blog posts and related that in my pitch to her along with her blog post link included. Although this pitch was never sent out, I received a lot of praise over how well written, relatable, and easy going it is.