Social Samples

EFFEN Campaign

For my BOLD Agency course, I was paired up with a partner to create an ad campaign with the copywrite idea "How Women Over 35 Can Look Younger." We decided one of the best products that make women feel confident and flirty is alcohol and we chose Effen Vodka because of how creative their international campaigns already are. Not only did we use the original copywriter, but we decided to come up with our own to provide the audience with another option.

SWOT Analysis

Creating a SWOT analysis was definitely a challenge, but working alongside my classmate to discuss ways to create better content for Bon Appetit was knowledgeable and quite fun. We worked together to create #BonChance [translated: Good luck]. This hashtag can be used by readers and viewers of Bon Appetit that create their own twist on a recipe Bon Appetit has featured on their site, magazine, or Youtube channel. Click on the #BonChance for full analysis.

Social Media Branding

Working with the BOLD Agency, we are in charge of building a brand for Clutch Burgers. Personally, I was in charge of creating the Instagram Highlights and adding in any content relevant to those highlights. Not only creating highlights and adding content but also assisting with copywriting for their pictures and Instagram stories.